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About Us

we support patient's wellness life

We are working for patients with hair loss. Now about 2000 people are visiting our salon PEER and related hair salons in JP, they use our fine human hair wigs for daily life happy.

The first our story was started in 2003, She is in nursing school. Then she met a woman cancer patient who lost all hair. The patient wished to buy a wig but cannot because of its price too high.

By the episode, she wondered if these wigs are so expansive,  patients cannot buy them, even nurses are giving announce.

After that, she challenged to contact wig makers, make the original wigs, and start to cell them. This is the first story about our shop, in 2003.

Now we are running a private hair salon, related to about 50 hair salons in many places in JP. Also, we are making original hair wig and cotton caps at corporate factories, supplying them with a good price. 


Also, we support local hair loss and cancer patients' communities, medical staff, and student's social studies.

We deliver lectures on the patient's life and their curious matters with real episodes. And we accept field tour and talk in shop space. 

Our mission is to solute difficulties in the patient's life.


Any Question? Please feel free to contact us.




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